How to Add Graphic Design to Your Ecommerce Landing Page

It’s estimated there are a whopping 20 million ecommerce sites. That large number may make you reluctant to launch yours. But don’t let that number stop you. You can still find leads and customers by promoting your website. Once you start advertising or marketing your products through social media, email, or ad space, you can

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How to Use Merch Informer to Boost Your T-shirt Sales

Merch by Amazon is one of the ways many entrepreneurs operate a lean business with minimal overhead cost and without the risk of having stale inventory. However, using the platform doesn’t necessarily guarantee high sales and brand growth. In fact, it can take a while before you develop a flow and strategy to optimize your

10 Elements of Eyecatching Social Media Graphic Design

It can be daunting to know that there are over 3.5 billion social media users worldwide. It may be difficult to reach your target audience organically. That’s why most would opt to use ads to get more page likes or follows.  However, for some, social media is a platform to increase brand awareness and interact

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10 Spicy Restaurant Menu Designs to Inspire You

Before clients take a bite out of a restaurant’s culinary offerings, they first have to feast their eyes on its menu.  That said, restaurant menu designs are the front and center of many ventures’ graphic design assets.  And with statistics telling us that it only takes 0.05 seconds for a person to form an opinion

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A Professional Designer Explains How to Create a Top Facebook Ad

Facebook is a top advertisement venue for ventures, both online and offline.  According to the social media network’s data, 1.6 billion people worldwide are connected to a small business on Facebook. This just goes to show how crucial this platform is in growing a brand.  If you have no idea how to start using this

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Draw Attention to Your Ecommerce Store Using Social Media Graphic Design

How many times have you checked out a product or service after you saw it on social media? Many times, if you’re like most people.  And to prove just that, stats tell us that almost 9 out of 10 shoppers say that social media helps them make a shopping decision.  That said, not having a

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When is the Right Time to Update Your Professional Logo Design?

Logos can go upwards of $2,500. That’s expensive, especially if you’re about to launch your business. Imagine if you’re an established business, and you want to redesign your logo. This means you might have to rebrand your business, and you’ll pay about 10 to 20% of your marketing budget. One of the many lingering questions

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10 Best Performing Online Ads that You Have to See

As the number of users on the internet continues to rise, companies have made an effort to make a digital shift. By doing this, most organizations would use social media, email, and advertising to communicate with their audience.  If organizations want to make an impact, they need to invest in advertising. The revenue for internet

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6 Online Graphic Design Services that are Worth Every Penny

Adobe found that more than 70% of companies invest in creating more graphic designs. It’s more important than ever to present compelling graphics. It’s to engage the target audience to connect with the organization and eventually take action. Online graphic design services have popped up over the years to meet the rising demand of receiving

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Kickstart Your Small Business at Home Using Graphic Design

Whether you want to earn extra cash or you’re laying down your fallback so you can quit the rat race, starting a small business at home is an excellent option.  According to the latest stats from the US Census Bureau, there are 30.7 million small businesses in the States. This only goes to show that

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