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The origin story

We started out as a two-man creative design company back in 2009. The world was smaller back then. Graphic design wasn’t as thriving of an industry as it is today. Fast forward 2015, graphic design now has become a selling proposition for most companies. The explosion of social media networks made the sharing of digital content essential for the growth of any brand or company

Combined that with the digital economy on track to replace retail, most businesses are required to have an e-commerce or digital front in order to compete. The evolution of how businesses operate created a dire need for digital graphics and resulted in the industry blooming.

The pivot

The two-man operation grew into a 50+ employee Ad design agency based out of New York City. The demand for high-end graphic design and branding help grew the industry, but it also made accessing even entry-level graphic design talents unattainable. Seeing the unmet need in the market, we pivoted and changed our business model to a subscription platform offering high-end graphic design services at a discounted rate.

Instead of traditional hourly hiring where the cost can exceed $5000+ per month in New York City, Lead Pixel offers brands and businesses access to a team of top-tier design creatives for a quarter of the price. Since the pivot, we’ve grown to serve agencies and marketing teams dominantly in New York City and have expansion plans to other major advertising hubs.

Lead Pixel is an on-demand graphic design service that caters to fast growing teams, marketers, and agencies. 

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