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Did you know that 90 percent of the info processed by the brain is visual? In fact, studies show that the human mind processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Amazing right?

It’s not surprising that marketers are aiming to make the most out of visual fluency to connect to their audience. And as a result, almost all ventures are looking to find the best graphic design solutions for their marketing needs.

Without a doubt, visual assets are a crucial factor in marketing. However, most startups don’t have the resources and capabilities to hire an in-house graphic designer. And luckily, the wide array of services available today don’t require ventures to go through recruitment and onboarding.

With employing a designer out of the question, one question still remains – is it better to hire a freelance designer or get unlimited graphic designs from a subscription service provider?

Let’s examine the design process and see which one offers more value for your investment.

Hiring Process

Hiring a freelancer may seem easy at first glance. After all, you only need to post about the job, and the best ones will come running, right? Not quite. Hiring a freelance designer usually takes the following steps:

  • Creating an account in job marketplace websites
  • Posting about the job in the platform
  • Going through job applications 
  • Reviewing portfolios 
  • Setting up interviews
  • Narrowing down your options
  • Choosing the best candidate for the project

It could take at least three days to up to a few weeks to find the right person for the job. And the work doesn’t end there! You’ll need to brief the designer about the project and follow up on the results. Also, you’ll need to monitor if they can deliver what they promised.

You won’t have to deal with the process above if you choose to get subscription services for unlimited graphic designs. 

The agency will take care of finding the best designers to work on your project. All you’ll need to do is tell them your requirements and the design will be delivered to you. Fast and simple.


Cost is perhaps one of the main reasons why some entrepreneurs choose freelancers over unlimited logo design services. After all, hiring a freelancer is much cheaper, right? Well, it could be. But you’ll also have to brace yourself for poor-quality designs.

As Jaguar Land Rover CEO Dr. Ralf Speth once said, “If you think that good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” 

Paying someone $5 for a logo may seem like a good deal. But it can also get you one that looks so bad, it will make your brand look scammy and unprofessional. In the end, it’s impractical – that’s five bucks down the drain and time you won’t ever get back.

On the other side of the coin, unlimited graphic design services don’t necessarily cost an arm and a leg. In fact, when you divide the monthly fee to the number of high-quality projects you can get within that period, it’s surely a good investment.

If you’re on the fence about practicality, ask the service provider about unlimited graphic design free trial to see if it’s a service that fits your needs and budget.



Just like with any other field, graphic designers have their own specializations. Some of these specialties include:

  • Web design
  • Mobile apps
  • Iconography 
  • Ad and marketing 
  • Illustration
  • UX/UI

Hiring a freelancer who’s really good at what they do can both work for and against you. For instance, if you employ a web design expert, you can rest assured that your website is bound to have impeccable visuals. However, that same designer might not be able to deliver the same level of results if you need an ad poster.

Design agencies that offer unlimited graphics offer flexibility in this regard. Because they have a team of designers who have their own specialties, they can offer you the best designs no matter what the format is. You can even request another designer if you’re not satisfied with the output of the one assigned to you.  


To be fair, there are a lot of reliable freelance designers out there. They’re the skilled and dependable creatives who want to work independently without being affiliated with any agency. That said, there are also many irresponsible applicants – those who seem reliable at first but fail to show up when you need them the most.

The problem with hiring a freelancer is that you won’t know which is which from the get-go. With every applicant putting their best foot forward, it’s hard to tell who will provide high-quality results, deliver mediocre output, and who wouldn’t deliver anything at all. 

Because of this factor, many ventures – especially those who don’t have any time to waste – opt for graphic design plans. Working with an established design agency ensures accountability for the project. 

If, say, the designer assigned to you becomes unavailable due to an emergency or any other circumstance, the agency will take over and assign the project to another designer. They’ll do everything in their power to ensure that the job gets done no matter what. 

Benefits of Unlimited Graphic Design Services


In summary, here are some of the benefits you can get from subscribing to a service that offers unlimited graphic designs:

  • Many service providers offer a fast turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours for the initial draft.
  • Graphic design agencies screen their designers well, so you can be assured that anyone who will get assigned to your project knows that they’re doing.
  • Because agencies require knowledge and skills among their designers, you’ll get high-quality designs. 
  • Most agencies also assign an account manager to their clients to ensure professional communication.

The Bottom Line

As illustrated by the points above, getting unlimited graphic designs will indeed allow you to make the most out of every buck. When looking for a service provider, choose one that also offers unlimited revisions. That way, you can be assured that the graphic designs delivered to you truly fit your industry as well as your brand’s unique needs and identity.

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